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Official Seal of the Blue Water Navy - Vietnam
Blue Water Navy Veterans Association
Updated DIOXIN Facts

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Support The Wounded Warrior Project

Recently Accounted-For
The names listed here on the above Site are U.S. military service members once missing and are now accounted-for. Additional information may be seen by visiting the respective Vietnam, Korean War and WWII databases on this site.

(Phillip R. Hays, PhD., LT, USNR-R)

War Boats of America

Visit War Boats of America -
Learn how these Able Craft helped
so much in the overall War Effort.

If you are a Veteran having a difficult time finding a Job
in today's economy, you may find help on


Vietnam  Service Medal

The United States Navy Memorial Store
Support the United States Navy Memorial -
Visit the Gear Locker

In a Time when one thinks nothing Honorable exists any longer...
Honor and Pride Shows through again...

The US Navy Presidential Ceremonial Honor Guard at Norway

Please visit

Veteran's Issues
A great site to help you deal with your Veteran Issues

Burial At Sea Information

Come Join the Fleet Reserve Association

Navy MSO Association
(Mine Sweeper - Ocean) "Wooden Ships - Iron Men"

USS Indianapolis CA-35 (WWII) -
The Memorial to Ship and Crew of the "Indy Maru" - and a Record of one of the worse Naval Sea Disasters in modern Naval History

HMAS Sydney (III) Royal Australian Navy Aircraft Carrier - 1943 - ?
The Vung Tau Ferry -
the HMAS Sydney (III) - the Story of this great Australian Navy Aircraft Carrier known as the "Vung Tau Ferry" from 1965-1972 during the Vietnam War is told here on this Website.

Vietnam Veterans Association of Australia

The Goat Locker - A Tribute Site to all Navy Chief Petty Officers (CPO's)

Veterans and Mesothelioma Awareness

Asbestos Awareness and Information Services

The Mesothelioma Cancer Center has the most comprehensive information on asbestos exposure & mesothelioma and is THE web authority on asbestos cancer and epithelial mesothelioma.

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